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DOMS Forecourt Controller

The DOMS box offers the most reliable and proven best in class performance controller with fast deployment of the features needed to maximise your business return on investment.

Introduction to the PSS5000 System

The PSS 5000 is a fully modular forecourt controller for retail filling stations that provides a scalable solution that offers an unpresidented number of communication options.

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller Functionality

Software and Hardware that match all site types

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller Implementation

Implementing Mobile Payment on Your Forecourt

PSS 5000 Software

Application Software Versions and Maintenance

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller Training & Workshops

Doms training is tailored to meet the needs of PSS 5000 users.

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller Processor

A New Generation of Processor – with more power and interfaces for the forecourts of the future.

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller Brochure

One forecourt controller for all solutions

Automating Semi-Mechanical Dispensers

The Doms Mechanical Pump Interface (MPI) solution enables you to make your mechanical dispensers with a pulser installed function similar to modern dispensers.

PSS 5000 Software Development Kit

When you need to interface your system to a PSS via the Doms’ protocols

PSS 5000 Feature Description

Performance Monitoring

Single Board Computer SBC454 / SBC455

Enabling 3rd party applications inside a PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller Features

Feature Description — Remote Power Cycle Devices from INSITE360

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller - Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)

MID is an EU directive (Directive 2004/22/EC) that defines the legal requirements for putting different types of measuring instruments on the market.

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller - Sudden Loss Detection

Sudden Loss (SL) is defined as a large amount of fuel that disappears from a tank over a relatively short period of time and where the quantity cannot be traced as being removed via the dispensers controlled by the PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller.

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller - Data Push Services for PSS 5000-539

The Data Push Service (DPS) is a plug-in function that enables you to establish a Secure Socket Shell (SSH) connection between the PSS 5000-539 Forecourt Controller and a remote server. 

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller - Theft Protection for Suction Pumps

Reduces the risk of fuel theft from forecourt dispensers.

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller - Vapour Recovery Monitoring

Supports different VRM architectures

PSS 5000 - Hardware Configuration Guide

Selecting the CPU Board and Interface Modules

PSS 5000 - Installation Guide

For systems with CPB539

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller - Product Guide

Petrol Station Forecourt Controller - for systems with CPB539

PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller - Technical Manual

A general description of the PSS 5000 system components and service facilities.

Informe de Evaluacion de la Conformidad

Modelo: PSS 5000 CPB505-2

Informe de Evaluacion de la Conformidad

Modelo: PSS 5000 CPB539

Supplementary Certificate of Approval - NMI S748

DOMs Model PSS5000 Controller for Fuel Dispensers

Dictamen de Compatibilidad del sistema decontrol a d istancia

PSS 5000 CPB539 

Dictamen de Compatibilidad del sistema decontrol a d istancia

PSS 5000 CPB505-2 

PSS 5000 Parts Certificate - NMO GB-1682

The applicable requirements of WELMEC Guide 7.2 Issue 5 and OIML R117-1 Edition 2007.

PSS 5000 No. SC0257-15 Parts Certificate

Certificate for a part of a measuring system for LOTW

PSS 5000 - German Technical Certificate

Certificate No. ZDS-DE-17-M-PTB-0067

PSS 5000 - Type-Examination Certificate

DE-17-M-PTB-067 - Revision 1

PSS 5000 - POS Responsibilities for MID Cert.


PSS 5000 - Certificat D'Examen De Type

PSS 5000 - Certificat D'Examen De Type

EU Declaration of Conformity

2014/30/EU EMC (OJ L 96, 29.3.2014, p. 79–106)
2014/35/EU LVD (OJ L 96, 29.3.2014, p. 357–374)
2011/65/EU RoHS (OJ L 174, 1.7.2011, p. 88–110)

Declaration of Conformity (UK)

SI 2016 No. 1101 Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016
SI 2016 No. 1091 Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016
SI 2016 No. 3032 Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2012

Upgrade Existing PSS 5000 Forecourt Controllers

A guide to upgrading the processors in existing PSS 5000 Forecourt Controllers with the next generation processor (CPB539).

How to Configure the PSS 5000

Step by step instructions for configuring the PSS 5000.